MudRunner VR

Incredibly realistic visuals and stunning physics inside a best-looking vehicle simulator on Quest standalone devices

Strong sides:

  • Incredible graphics
  • Great performance
  • Impressive physics and vehicle interaction
  • Intriguing story in campaign mode
  • Free roaming mode
  • Lots of difficulty and comfort adjustments
  • Rich possibilities of interaction with the vehicle
  • Post-soviet atmosphere and dirtiness are so real...

Weak sides:

  • Wheel manipulation might be a little improved
  • Hint system could be improved in some situations

Summary and conclusion:

This is the best looking and feeling automobile game ever released on Quest platform, with startling realistic physics engine and immersive surroundings feeling. We’d recommend at least to see this game even if you are not fan of cars. With wheel support it would be a top-notch, but unfortunately, it’s not possible on Quest platform.
MudRunner VR

Rating: 5 from 5 - strongly recommended!

Game is available on:

Meta Quest
Tested on:
Meta Quest 2

Game performance:
Game doesn't have any performance issues and is perfectly optimized

Review by: Pheonics

Official game trailer and our gameplay footage


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