Bulletstorm VR

A VR remake of original flat game from 2011, a fast-paced shooter "Bulletstorm" with single-player campaign, where your primary task is combo kills of your enemies

Strong sides:

  • The game itself is fully consistent with the original
  • Not the worst VR adaptation, but still far from OK
  • Nice voice acting, fine cut scenes (but still in cinema-like 2.5D)
  • Full-length story-rich campaign

Weak sides:

  • Low resolution and low-detailed graphics
  • Clumsy controls and gameplay mechanics
  • Loooots of bugs and crashes
  • Performance issues on Quest 2

Summary and conclusion:

In general this might be OK for the fans of simple shooters or original Bulletstorm (we've seen worse adaptations like Fallout VR), but in general game is boring, doesn't look great and feels a bit clumsy, especially for the price requested. We recommend to avoid it, if you don't feel anything special to Bulletstorm franchise.
Bulletstorm VR

Rating: 2 from 5 - not recommended

Game is available on:

PC VR (STEAM)Meta Quest
Tested on:
Meta Quest 2

Game performance:
Quest 2 version on launch had some performance issues

Review by: Pheonics

Official game trailer and our gameplay footage

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