Border Bots VR

In the robotized AI-powered world you win a lottery to be a human border agent, checking the robots. This game is a beautiful example of turning routine into a funny puzzle.

Strong sides:

  • Nice game mechanics
  • Pleasant look and feel
  • Diversity even in routine tasks
  • Good voice overs and lite story line
  • Impressive and futuristic environment
  • Funny set of tools
  • Cute and angry robots :)

Weak sides:

  • Unskippable dialogues
  • Missing difficulty/duration settings
  • Lacks free/endless mode

Summary and conclusion:

Really nice game, a variant of "Papers, please" in VR set up in robotized future. Some of the robots you interact with will appear life-like, with special personalities, tricks, and funny reactions to your actions. We'd recommend to try this game, especially if you like robots and puzzles :)
Border Bots VR

Rating: 4 from 5 - recommended, but...
with some limitations

Game is available on:

PC VR (STEAM)Meta QuestPS Store (PSVR2)
Tested on:
Meta Quest 2

Review by: Pheonics

Official game trailer and our gameplay footage

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